Welcome To Canning Petroleum

Canning Petroleum Pty Ltd was formed in 2011 to explore and develop the oil and gas potential in Western Australia. The directors of Canning Petroleum have a strong track record of starting and running resource companies and in shale gas development drilling in the United States. We have submitted three Applications for acreage releases to the DMP and are actively seeking farm-in opportunities. The company has financial backing from Esmark, which is a steel and energy company based in Pittsburgh.


Canning Petroleum - Exploration Potential

The onshore Bonaparte Basin is an under-explored petroleum basin in northwestern Australia. The basin has historically had a low success rate for oil and gas exploration in conventional petroleum reservoirs. The Milligans Formation is organic-rich and has drilling shows that suggest it may be a commercially viable unconventional reservoir similar to shale gas reservoirs in the United States. The Proterozoic shale beneath the Ord Basin are the other exploration objectives of Canning Petroleum